Brno Group Training

Do you want to join group training?

If you meet one of these points, you can enter Team Wellness.

  • You want to start training in a group.
  • You are a sociable person.
  • You are interested in learning how to generate healthy habits.
  • You want to improve your health.

If you are currently studying Spanish and want to join to train and also practice this language, join these guests.


Training location

The trainings are at the Lužánky Park in Brno. 

First class of group training

Images of the first group training.

Entrenamiento en brno para checos

Example class in a group in Barcelona

Join the group!

Group of whatsapp to communicate:

  • When will the sessions be.
  • Meetings for physical activity.
  • Tips + Healthy food recipes.
  • Group motivation.
  • Much more.

You just have to click on the next button to send me a MESSAGE on WhatsApp and that’s how you tell me why you want to join the group.

Join and start training for 90 Czk class or by paying the PACK OF 10 TRAINING SESSIONS.

Another alternative is to enter the group free only to learn about training, nutrition and healthy habits.

Request your entry to my number!

entrenamiento para mujeres en brno
Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Loyalty Card of 10 sessions
Czk 700 90 Czk 1 session
  • Small groups
  • Outdoor training
  • Exercises adapted to each person
  • Quality training material
  • Food tips that will change your Life
  • Group motivation

Página en español: Entrenamiento en grupo BRNO